After managing a web development for almost 10 years and being in the industry longer than that, I feel it’s time I shared my experiences with everyone including customers and other web developers to make this a better world and reduce stress. I really believe that getting everyone on the same page sets the right expectations, reduces stress, improves quality, and overall makes everyone a lot happier.

In the words of my mentor, ‘if something here resonates with you, take what you please from these words of wisdom and discard the rest’.

This blog is all about web development and the insider secrets that take years of pain and suffering to discover on your own. I have made a commitment to do this once a week, 30 min or so. Let us see where this takes us all.

Currently, I am involved with building online stores for Scrubs In Fashion, Inc. They are my primary client and they sell nursing scrubs online. I am also building an online portal for Project Management and PMP Exam Prep training courses for PM Classes, Inc.